We are one of the lawyer’s offices in Alkmaar who give subsidized legal aid. I.e. private persons who can not afford our hourly rate can ask the government to pay our costs.

Income and wealth test

To qualify for subsidized legal your income needs to be less than a certain maximum income. This amount differs for singles and families. There is also a maximum allowed wealth level. Please contact us for the exact conditions.

Even if you qualify for subsidized legal aid you will allways have to pay a part of the costs yourself. The amount depends on your income. The lowest income levels (social welfare) hardly ever have to pay.

Subsidized legal aid form

We determine if you qualify for subsidized legal aid. If this is the case and you would like to take advantage of the arrangement you will not have to do anything except undersigning the subsidized legal aid form. We will however need your passport, drivers license or identity card so do not forget to bring such a document. We take care of sending the form to the Council for Legal Aid.

The Council for Legal Aid

Within 4 weeks after receiving the form the council will let you know if you qualify for subsidized legal aid and how much you will have to pay yourself.

If you doubt your case has any change of succeeding or if you want to know more about the costs of your case call or email lawyer’s office Appelman for an appointment. The first 30 minutes are allways free of charge.

Our legal services

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