Lawyers office Appelman Alkmaar

Lawyers office Appelman Alkmaar

Lawyers office Appelman is one of the smaller laywer’s offices in Alkmaar. As lawyers office we are focusing on labour law, family law, rent law, social security law, criminal law and law of obligations.

We work mainly for private individuals and small to midsized companies who are located in Alkmaar and the nearby municipalities.

The office is established in 1989 and momentarily there are working three lawyer’s and four part-time secretarial assistents. Since 1994 we are located at one of the most beautiful places of Alkmaar, Nieuwlandersingel 53.

Lawyers and secretariat

Choosing a lawyer is something different than buying detergent in a supermarket. Your lawyer has a position involving confidentiality and it is very important you get along with your lawyer. That is why we introduce ourselves. So that you know for who you are choosing.

If you doubt your case has any change of succeeding or if you want to know more about the costs of your case call or email lawyer’s office Appelman for an appointment. The first 30 minutes are allways free of charge.

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